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Symbaloo is a visual bookmark management tool. You can easily save your favorite websites in the cloud and access them from any device.

With Symbaloo app all of your favorite sites will soon be easily accessible through your mobile device.

Key Features

  • Super-fast access to your favorite websites.
  • Synchronization with the web version of
  • Adding and removing tiles is synchronized with your web version.
  • Share a link via email or social media profiles.
  • Read the news easily (RSS reader).
  • Customizable by adding your own backgrounds, sites and RSS feeds.

App downloads

Symbaloo is a cloud based platform that allows you to save your favorite online sites, videos, articles, feeds and more. Symbaloo comes from an ancient Greek verb that means “gathering”. The site consists of tabs containing tiles that can be set to any online site, video, newssource, etc. The Symbaloo database is filled with preset tiles, widgets and feeds to some of your favorite sites. The widgets, feeds and embedded content populate in the center widget area. There is also a bookmarker plugin, for your Firefox and Chrome browser, that allows for easier and faster bookmarking when surfing to new sites.

Symbaloo was founded in 2007 by Tim Has together with Koen Dantuma and Robert Broeders. Based upon an idea to make the surfing the web easier and more accessible. The launch of the mobile app signifies the continued mission of making the web not just easier to access on the computer but also on any device and anywhere.

  • 2007 Established
  • 2009 Launch of Symbaloo 2.0
  • 2009 Symbaloo Introduction in U.S.
  • 2010 Launch of SymbalooEDU (Special version designed for schools)
  • 2011 Growth begins in America
  • 2012 Launch of mobile app

Symbaloo Introduction Video


Link to video

iPhone app Demo video

Android app Demo video


Symbaloo Favorites

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Add Tile

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In the Browser

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RSS Overview

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App Icon

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Symbaloo logo


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